It’s a ferry, not a cruise

It’s a ferry, not a cruise. After an interesting 3 days of interacting with the Alaska Marine Highway System, I find it prudent to write a proper synopsis in hopes of informing other travelers of our experience. Continue Reading

Basic Needs

Admittedly this post could have been combined with “Items We Can’t Live Without” but I felt like breaking it up would make more sense in my brain. However, for the sake of future adventure Van Lifers, I’ll add a link to that post here and another to “Routine” so that the magic of Google and hyperlinks can keep all this stuff organized in one semi-thread. That’s how it works, right?! I’m so techy.

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Humans often gravitate towards routine, some of us more than others. I thrive off routine, mostly because I’m a fairly anxious person who finds comfort when expectations are managed, hence my love of routine. I was worried that lack of routine would increase my anxiety on the road. Not true. Continue Reading

Van life and the PLT

Van Life is all that it’s cracked up to be and more. I knew that buying the Sprinter (bucket-list mobile) was the right choice. When you know you know. 99.95% of the time my gut has lead me in the proper direction to or away from, people, places, things, opportunities, etc. I never had reservations about the Sprinter buildout and the overall purpose of the purchase… to live life while we (Pamela and I) can and not have any regrets. Continue Reading

How Penny Love Keeps Her Cool

As a follow up to Jon’s post about the build out (click here for initial build out and here for upgrades), I’m going to expand a bit on keeping our Boxer pup cool and comfy.  Whenever I Googled “traveling with a dog” I came upon sites that said it was unsafe to leave a dog in a car. Yes, I agree.  However, our van (recently being called Ellie, short for elephant because she’s big + grey…sure, why not) is a tiny house on wheels.  It’s an opportunity to bring out little fur baby on the road with us so we have to make it work.  And here’s how:

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