Ellie (the van) in all her glory 

Here is a video I put together that shows the entire buildout of our sprinter van, Ellie.

The build was done in June of 2015. Since the initial completion, I added a few things like the Thule Alpine roof storage and the sliding bike trays.

To date we’ve logged 18k miles in just under 7 months on the road.

Enjoy a little bit of it here.





A Grab Bag Of Awesomness

When you’re traveling in a van for over a year and you read about a gravel road ride/race based out of the state you grew up in…you put a flag in the ground on the date of the ride and make a point to attend. While on the ferry ride from Bellingham, Washington to Haines, Alaska, this is exactly what Pamela and I did after reading a blurb about the Franklin Land Trust D2R2 in Outside Magazine, #D2R2 Continue Reading

Beeline to New England…and it was worth it.

There’s something to be said for wanting to drive 29 hours in about two days to Vermont from Boulder, CO….Crazy. The reason for such a feat (without needing to attend an event for work) was so that Pamela and I could make it to VT to participate in the Rapha New England Prestige. I was riding on a team and Pamela was the onsite medic. The Rapha ride was a last minute addition to our existing trip to spend time with family and show off Ellie and Penny Love in New England. The kicker for the trip was that Pamela and I both worked on the 26th of August, so we wouldn’t be leaving Boulder until around 7pm. Knowing the hurdles of trying to eat, travel and then ride/race, Pamela planned our meals for the journey. She was a rock star and made pasta and salads in jars which lived in the fridge of the van. These meals on wheels were life savers as we darted across the country avoiding ho-hum food options at service stations. Continue Reading