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IMG_3134We are Boulder, CO-based New Englanders.  Husband & Wife, Aunt & Uncle, Brother & Sister, Son & Daughter, Puppy Dad & Mum, Best Friends. Roading cycling and running are our church/happy place/office space and they are how we chose to explore the world.  Sunshine worshipers, outdoor enthusiasts, ocean lovers.  Wanna-be foodies, recipe-maker-uppers, coffee adorers. Photographers. All Boston sports team rule, obviously. We are early adopters/investors at Skratch Labs, an all natural sports hydration product based in Boulder, CO.  Pamela is a physical therapist, running coach, co-founder of Team ten20 Cycling, an all women’s cycling team. Jon is an event + marketing + social media guru currently involved in BOCO Gear and Suffer Better, and a few other start ups yet to be mentioned.  This is our story of why we bought a Sprinter Van and where it will take us. We have recently embarked on a year of travel and living in the van with our bikes and our dog.  Follow @RoamingRobos (#RoamingRobos) on Instagram to see our adventures and you will also get to hear about the adventure of Penny (@theroaming_pennylove) our 3 yr old wonder pup and how she adjusts to life in our van, aka Ellie.

11 thoughts on “About US

  1. When I click the link to get to your FB page is says the page does not exist. Do you have a FB page for you or your dog?


  2. Your map link isn’t working- it goes to /about. But that’s not my main thing- if you are coming to the Pacific Northwest I’ll help you find somewhere to put the van in Portland and get you involved with the local biking/beering scene. June is Pedalpalooza, which includes the 10k-strong Naked Bike Ride as well as about 300 other rides covering all sorts of topics- history of a neighborhood, Karaoke In The Park, and my favorite, the [bike-related] traffic signals urban wonkery ride.

    Of course, any other time you come is fine too 🙂 We did a 6mo Latin America trip by motorcycle, so I have an idea of what you’re getting into.


  3. Having already completed over 20,000 miles in our RV with 2 dogs and a cat we can attest that it is a brilliant lifestyle.


  4. Just saw you’re post on Instagram that you are on MV. We live in West Tisbury. If you need a place to park the van or have a moment to meet we would love the opportunity!
    We place our order for a Sprinter last month!


    • Jim. Sorry we missed you. We rode around the island and didn’t take the van as we biked to WH from Bourne, around the island, ferried back and road back to Bourne. We are still in the cape if you want to see the van and ask questions send us a DM on Instagram..guessing that’s where you saw we were on MV. Happy to meet at Pie in the sky in WH. Love that place. 😉. Jon.


  5. Hi Jon and Pamela. I’m the Australian who met you having a coffee on Alpe D’Huez in 2014. Ages ago I saw the article on your adventure in Cyclingtips and thought ‘I know them!’ I tap in every so often to see how life is going. Just wanted to let you know that I’m heading to Alpe D’Huez with my wife this year and I remembered your advice about catching the train from Grenoble to Annecy – thanks for that, tickets are booked. I hope your ‘living the life’ journey continues for a good while longer. Cheers.


    • Bruce!!!!!

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for the note and the memory. That was such a great day on two wheels. We hope you and your wife are well. You’ll love the train ride. So relaxing and efficient. Funny that you saw the piece in CyclingTips. It was fun when we started and then or riding focus shifted so we didn’t do as much with those guys. Neil wanted “drama / adventure”. We’re do dry for them…LOL.

      We wish you you safe travels and if you and your wife make it to the US to visit, you’ve got a place in Boulder to call home with us.



  6. Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear messgae!

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