Year 14 || Watch Quarter + Station

The month’s leading up to the 14th anniversary’s of Nicholas’ fall from a tree has had me more involved in his care than I have been in close to 12 yrs…and it was about time.  I was in my second year of graduate school for physical therapy when Nicholas fell out of a tree and became the brain injured version of the person that he once was.  Prior to that, I had tried to move out west for grad school, but one of the top five Doctor of Physical Therapy programs was in Boston, so I stayed (zero regrets because the MGH Institute For Health Professions was the perfect place for me).  However, I was seriously considering doing my third year, my internship year, out west. This was a secret to no one and a goal I was set on achieving.  When Nicholas got hurt, my parents asked me to stay and, without hesitation, I stayed. 

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