Out Of Control

A few years back in 2013 things were going well, all things considered.  I had been hit by a car and survived. I was at mile 25.2 of the Boston Marathon, and Pamela was across the street from the second blast waiting for me to make my way to the finish. Then, in late August, during a work trip, cooking and supporting People for Bikes’ Tim Johnson’s Ride On Chicago, it happened. Continue Reading

Robos Do Iceland || Itinerary + Insight

Normally our blog is about realizations, streams of consciousness, etc and rarely do we write about where we went, how we got there and what we did.  Before we left on our 16 month North American van adventure, many people told us where to go and how to get there and what to do. While we were/are grateful for the insight, it was overwhelming. We are more casual and prefer to go with our gut (or our google/Instagram) and keep our ears and eyes open to insight we get from others along the way.  However, we recently spent 5 days in a van driving around Iceland and a quick visit to a place with so much to offer warrants some type of itinerary. We decided a summary of our adventure might be helpful for others who are headed to the land of fire + ice…cuz everyone seems to be doing it these days.

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