How Do You Measure A Year?

Today marks 365 days on the road living the #VanLife dream. Today marks “Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes” of truly feeling grateful for this journey. Therefore, please indulge me for a moment while I reflect and paraphrase one of the greatest songs from one of the greatest musicals/movements of all time: “Seasons of Love” from “RENT”:

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How Do you Measure-measure a year?

In Daylights – In Sunsets

In Midnights – In cups of coffee

In Inches – in Miles

In Laughter – in Strife

How about Love?

Measure in Love

Seasons of Love

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Journeys to Plan

It’s Time Now- To Sing Out

Though the Story Never Ends

Let’s Celebrate

Remember A year In The Life Of Friends

Remember in Love

Measure in Love

If you don’t know the premise of RENT it’s about friendship, love & loss during the AIDS epidemic. It’s heartbreaking and touching and as I write the lyrics I’m teary eyed both reflecting on the play and our year. Time is powerful. During the last 12 months we have not faced topics as challenging as those presented in RENT, but the way the characters measure their year seems an appropriate way to sum up our 12 month journey thus far. We’re not done yet, but March 29, 2016 to March 29, 2017 seems worth pausing and noting.

So, here’s how the Roaming Robos measure our year, our Five Hundred Twenty-Five Six Hundred Minutes:

23,000 miles driven

37 states

3 countries

6 ferries

3 bike ferries

1 air plane flight 

38 American National Parks, Monuments, Lakeshores, Seashores

3 Canadian National Parks

287 Nights slept in the Van (7 in hotels)

24 Pure Barre Classes for me

1 Pure Barre Class for Jon 😉

9 hours volunteering

3 Drive In Movies

12 Movies in theaters

20,000 +  photos taken

3 tattoos collectively

365 sentences in a “One Sentence Per Day Journal”

2 trips to urgent care (one human ankle, one puppy leg)

1 likely broken rib for which we didn’t seek medical attention 😬

3 Laundromats (thank you friends & family!)

5 Instagram friends meeting = real friends

450 miles run combined

9,2000 miles ridden on our bikes combined

35 books read combined

1 van flat tire

2 bike flats 

6 Hot Springs

Animals seen (not in a zoo):

33 bear (8 on bike)

8 moose

60 buffalo

3 zebra

3 camels

30 caribou

14 stone sheep

2 reindeer

20 mountain goat

20 seals

10 whales

8 otters

5 porcupine

5 ostriches

2 javelina

This trip is also referred to as the “Hug Everyone You Know Tour” and, rightly so, here are too many hugs to count. Feels good. 

Countless emotional moments, vistas, adventures that can’t be summed up in one title or sentence. The next blog is about lessons learned on the road and concepts I’m hoping to hang on to as we transition slowly back in to the house. But for now, simple reflection.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Measure A Year?

  1. Hard to believe a year has gone by.

    Love Diddy


  2. Clever and very readable. L, D

    Sent from my iPad



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