The Unknown

I’ve had these thoughts in my head for a while but I kept putting off writing the blog. No real reason except I got lazy or distracted like a goldfish or I choose to ride my bike or play pickle ball with Kevin…Pickle Ball?! you say….It’s like table tennis (Ping Pong) but on a life-size court. It rocks.

So why the unknown? What makes it worth writing about? It’s like a good sci-fi movie, you can let your brain wonder and think of amazing things that could or should happen…good and bad. BUT for me, it relates to not knowing why. Why I’ve had countless bought of night sweats, hot flashes during the day and involuntary hand/finger movement on my ride side. The correct course of action is to see a doctor and specialist. After a battery of test and multiple Dr. visits, there is no clear answer to why my hand/fingers seem to have a mind of there own at times. To rule out any and all possible scenarios, I even had an MRI of my brain and neck done, Dr. requested of course. Who wants to have an MRI done for fun? 

The MRI experience for me wasn’t bad, I’m not claustrophobic, but I can see how it would creep some folks out. The duration for the imaging took 40 minutes, that’s a long time to sit and let ones mind wonder…why, how, what. There was some rhythmic patterns to the sound of the MRI machine which almost had me in a place to take a nap…almost but not really. During the 40 minutes of constant, pings, bangs, pangs, zirps, zips, whirls, I was recalling lots and lots of early video games. Many of the sounds had me playing Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders and Centipede in my mind, Honestly, this was a great distraction and interruption from the wondering my mind was doing…Why is this happening to me, What’s causing this and What if it’s this disease or that disease.

After a couple days of waiting and hoping the images would be negative, they were! It was great to hear that there was no sign of any major medical concerns. BUT it leaves Pamela and I still wondering what is causing my righthand and fingers to involuntary move and twitch. The unknown is what we’re left with. It’s not a horrible thing but something we’ll work through and maybe sometime in the future find an answer to.