The Transformation…Crew to Camper

The transformation

I’ve talked about it in a previous blog about how I wanted and needed the van to be modular, transforming from crew van for work to camper van for our road trips. To help give you a little glimpse into how this is done I put a sweet little time-lapse video together with my GoPo Hero4. I also used their video software (free), which was very very easy to use. Shoutout to my friend Greg Erwin and his band Saint Motel and all their recent success…This is one of their songs used in the video.


Van life and the PLT

Van Life is all that it’s cracked up to be and more. I knew that buying the Sprinter (bucket-list mobile) was the right choice. When you know you know. 99.95% of the time my gut has lead me in the proper direction to or away from, people, places, things, opportunities, etc. I never had reservations about the Sprinter buildout and the overall purpose of the purchase… to live life while we (Pamela and I) can and not have any regrets. Continue Reading