Tour of the Unknown Coast…A ride like no other

A few weeks ago Pamela and I took off to Portland, OR to road trip with friends in their Sprinter, south to northern California’s town of Ferndale. The purpose….tick off a bucket list item. Riding the tour of the unknown coast. This ride has been on my radar for the last few years. Ever since my friends Greg and Holly told me about it, 6 years ago. Sadly the timing never worked out in my favor as it overlaps the Tour of California (What a race this year by the way). As a member of the Pro Leisure Tour due to my extended sabbatical from Skratch Labs, Pamela and I jumped at the opportunity to do the ride with Greg and Holly. One of the cool parts is that we were going to be camping in a Sprinter and towing a Shasta camper. IMG_2858 Continue Reading

Metal Baby

May 13, 2015 marked the arrival of our newest addition.  Our “metal baby” as we are affectionately referring to her.  Jon is hard at work with insulation and documenting.  His post will have details, this is just the teaser.  We purchased re-purposed Colorado pine beetle kill wood for the interior from Randy at GreenWay. Electrical, solar, vents/fans, heater happens next week at Van Works.  Then Jon is off to Madison to do the proper build with our friend & contractor, David! Thanks to our internet pals from Traipsing About and Eric Ian for the advice already given and the advice we know we will bugging you for in the weeks to come!  The internet LOVES Sprinter Vans…and so does Penny. This build is all about Penny’s comfort and success given that she is the world’s worst thermoregulator!