Rules to live by…or try

These are things that I just thought of out of the blue. They weren’t all told to me or read by me. The rules that I live by have been observed by me, felt by me and acted upon by me, friends, family and complete strangers. Rules are made to be broken once in a while (so say the good people) and I agree, when appropriate. Especially in Photography, where the rule of 1/3 is designed to help frame images and allow the viewer to follow lines to subjects and points of interest. But there is always that one time you say screw it and place something smack dab in the middle and IT WORKS. So no matter what the rules are just remember that if you truly believe it to be right to break the rule, break the rule.

I could not put the following in numbered order as it wouldn’t do justice. So to play the role of Switzerland, I choose to bullet-point them in no particular order, but the order for which I happened to recall them for no apparent reason.

  • Trust your gut…it speaks up for good reasons
  • Game of Thrones is a great reflection of real life…just look around and you’ll see what I mean. Minus the dragons of course.
  • Start your day with a smile. It will make you feel better and those around you, creating the perfect ripple effect
  • Always wake up and go to bed by kissing your loved one and saying “I Love You”.
  • Don’t waste energy on getting mad or frustrated at things you can’t control. It’s not worth the effort. This includes people who waste time at red lights by texting. Honking just pisses them off.
  • Never TEXT & DRIVE. It is not worth the 10 seconds to look down. Have your co-pilot text for you or just wait. Enjoy the music on the radio, the fresh air through the window and pay attention to the brake lights in-front of you and the cyclist around you.
  • Call your friends and family vs. texting. It’s nice to hear a voice vs. Siri who can’t pronounce things right anyway.
  • Try to learn something new each year. Even if it’s a new app, short cut on a ride, new recipe, it will give you renewed confidence and sense of accomplishment
  • Listen to your wife/partners advice, it might differ from yours but it will allow you to see and think differently.
  • Reach out to friends to check on them, listen to them, don’t one up them.
  • Work on being an active listener. Everyone has something important to say, you just have to ask.
  • Send a note card, post card or letter to family, friends and loved ones. It can be for no reason at all and these are the best reasons.
  • Don’t take anything for granted
  • Buy a new car once in your life. What else are you going to do with the money 🙂
  • Do something active at least once everyday
  • Say something nice to your partner/loved one at least once a day.
  • Be genuine
  • If something is out of place and needs fixing. Don’t wait for someone else to do it and don’t put it off to later. It probably will not get done….by you.
  • Execute an act of kindness. Any kindness will do
  • Hold a door open
  • Pay it forward
  • Just paying without letting someone know as well.
  • Help someone pick up dropped items etc.
  • Pet a dog, or cat. Reptiles aren’t that soft, but if you like that sort of thing…go for it
  • Visit a museum or gallery at least once. There has to be something that peaks your interest
  • Watch an Indie film or documentary, once.
  • Enjoy your body and what you have. If you don’t like it all, workout
  • Dance for no reason. Dance in your car to a great song
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Really it’s all small stuff.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon and see first hand how damn big that hole in the ground is…It’s really big
  • Fly a kite. Even when you get older. There’s something rejuvenating about it
  • If you’re an Aunt or Uncle, spoil the kids, give them sugar and get them wound up before bed time because you generally don’t have to put them to bed…It’s what family is for…FUN.
  • Swim in the Ocean. Swim in a Lake.
  • Eat with your hands once in a while. Because we can and how we started eating back a few million years.
  • Wake up early to watch the sunrise every once in a while. Especially when you travel to a new city or town
  • Stay up late and stargaze. Look for shooting stars and satellites. Maybe you’ll see something unidentifiable 😉
  • Don’t knock something until you try something…
  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Do something that scares you!
  • Think outside the box. It’s the best way to see things clearly.
  • Don’t waste time thinking what could have been. Make time or take time to make it happen.
  • Consider this list of items a living breathing document. I know that more items will come to me over the coming weeks, months and years. When it hits me, I’ll try and remember to write them down and include them here.

Until that time, I will leave you with this sweet video I came across on YouTube about Life and another video you may recall! Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen!

One thought on “Rules to live by…or try

  1. Thanks, this is a great list!


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