Penny Love


Roses are red
Violets are blue
We want to introduce our Penny Love to you!

In August she will be three
And she brings so much joy to Jon and to me

At first we were not sure if we were the right people for a dog
For the first few months we were in a puppy fog

But then she learned to use her doggie door
And she quickly became impossible not to adore

She makes our little family complete
And we hope she is going to find her new Sprinter Van pretty neat

Penny’s comfort is the goal for our van build out
It will be perfectly temperature controlled, have no doubt

Our little Boxer girl likes to snort, bend if half and cuddle
Most nights you can find her drapped on our laps in a puddle

She loves to bathe in the sun
And her famous snaggle tooth makes her that much more fun

So enjoy the adventures of our wiggly little pup
Now..acquiring the van, that’s what is next up!

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