What is Double Happiness ?

What does Double Happiness mean? To some it could be the combination of seeing a rainbow and a unicorn. To others it’s doubling down at the blackjack table and winning. For others it could be watching a football game with friends while enjoying a beer. If you ask Wikipedia it means: Sometimes translated as Double Happy, is an oriental Chinese ornament design, commonly used as a decoration and symbol of marriage.

If you ask Pamela and I, it means marriage and being in it together. As long as we’re together and there for each other happiness follows. This sounds like I’m seeing rainbows and unicorns….doesn’t it. Don’t get me wrong we have our ups and downs like anyone else and each day isn’t bright and cheery. However, we believe in the support received from each other and it helps push us past and through any rough days to the days that we want to be in…the fun days where time passes in the blink of an eye.

The entries to follow will not all be about being happy. Who are we kidding? No one wants to read that, let alone live a fairytale day after day. What good is that, it doesn’t allow one to grow through the pitfalls of life. The purpose of the blog is to serve as an outlet for Pamela and I to write, share and explore who we are as individuals and as a team. Some of the writings will be typical entries on what PennyLove (our 2+ year old box) did, or a recent euphoric run or bike ride we had. Other entries will be me sharing a creative story, poem, or some idea I need to get out. As for the exploring part, this is where it gets fun. We might get into exploring who we are as a couple through our writings, but really we want to share images and captions of our bucket list trip as we zigzag our way across this vast land in our soon to be modified 2015 Sprinter!

We invite you to follow along for the ride and the journey that awaits, us.

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