What Goes Around Comes Around

I would not characterize myself as religious…at all.  However, I often refer to the “Great Outdoors” as my church and have been known to classify my religious views as “What Goes Around Comes Around”.  So, clearly, I’ve had some exposure to something in my life that lead me to feel that I should have a definition for each of these entities, church & religion, and that something is my Mum.

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Rules to live by…or try

These are things that I just thought of out of the blue. They weren’t all told to me or read by me. The rules that I live by have been observed by me, felt by me and acted upon by me, friends, family and complete strangers. Rules are made to be broken once in a while (so say the good people) and I agree, when appropriate. Especially in Photography, where the rule of 1/3 is designed to help frame images and allow the viewer to follow lines to subjects and points of interest. But there is always that one time you say screw it and place something smack dab in the middle and IT WORKS. So no matter what the rules are just remember that if you truly believe it to be right to break the rule, break the rule. Continue Reading

What is Double Happiness ?

What does Double Happiness mean? To some it could be the combination of seeing a rainbow and a unicorn. To others it’s doubling down at the blackjack table and winning. For others it could be watching a football game with friends while enjoying a beer. If you ask Wikipedia it means: Sometimes translated as Double Happy, is an oriental Chinese ornament design, commonly used as a decoration and symbol of marriage. Continue Reading